At  ‘La Cantina’ in Chester , as well as welcoming our customers to relax, talk, read, eat and drink – Italian style- we are also able to provide and are developing a bespoke ‘deli service’. This is all part of the integrated set of support, as outlined  on the part  of our website titled ‘For our valued Customers’ – current, past and future!

At the moment our approach is based around having researched and liaised with a small number of specialist producers and growers who can provide us with Italian produce, fresh or bottled/dried etc and in most  cases organically or small holder produced, in small or large quantities according to our customers requirements. Also a lovely supply of Cheshire and regional produce you may have tried when eating or drinking with us or things we come across. Our purpose here is to provide a service with information and ideas rather than the more traditional stockholding, shop based approach.

We can provide at prices equivalent and in many cases below  many mainstream retailers- but differentiating by also enabling a very full range (not just the odd corner of a supermarket) of lovely products  from oils & vinegars & condiments; a full range of fresh fruits & vegetables and herbs grown in Italy and picked only a day or so before your delivery;   coffees& teas- even our own supply of Italian produced milk that many people say is essential to get a cappuccino that tastes as it does in Rome!!; conserves & honey’s & jams; vegetables and fish preserved in olive oils; fresh cheeses, ham & Italian sausages; Italian cakes and pastries; specialist fresh and dried pastas and lovely rice and polenta for north Italian cuisine; a superb range of wines & Italian liqueurs primarily based around the full range from our partner in this sector importing directly from small family producers-not only those on our cafeteria/bar list but a much fuller range; superb fruit juices, Italian waters and other flavoured drinks Our sources are well researched, constantly evolving  and provide a very wide range of quality produce.

At the moment our business is relatively new and whilst we have immediate access to all this produce and can discuss your specific requirements very quickly, we will determine how to provide all the detailed information for our customers to look at their leisure if we think that is helpful, over the coming months. In the meantime :



-whatever you want, in whatever quantity, come and let us know ( or discuss your thoughts with us ) and we will put forward ideas and what to get, in what quantities and timing ( generally between next day and several days depending on size of order and range) – also ideas on where to get it if we cannot help you

-we will provide an emailed note of product, sizes, background info and prices and payment terms – generally based on payment with order although we may set some credit accounts in due course

As we develop this service we expect to offer an integrated small subscription membership service in the coming months that will also entitle you to other benefits and discounts with us and our partners; also it will enable us to understand what you require and to help you and for us to get to know each other.

Please come and see us, or email us or email mark directly on as he will look after this service and your requirements directly, or call us at La Cantina to speak to him or on his direct mobile on 07711 367576


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